Book Hang Over

Hey, Ali!

I saw this on Facebook:

I suffer from this mightily. Almost every single day the husband and I sit down to rehash the day, telling stories. I list what I might have heard (or stalked online) about the two kids. I might have a story or two about e-mail conversations with friends. And in the middle I start to tell him a book plot as if it really happened and then remember, “Wait! Not real. Fiction…..”

Nancy says:  Y colorín, colorado, este cuento se ha acabado.

Oh, Nancy!

Don’t I know that plot in my own life! I find that my lapse into literature happens more in a group discussion where I start with, “I have this friend that one time…” In my mind, it is totally honest. I can’t really remember how I know them, or who they are, but they are a friend–I’m sure–and what happened to them fits perfectly with the event in the present conversation. On a few occassions, I’ve been enlightened when a listener tilts their head, wrinkles their brow, and says, “You know that character?”

To me, this is the highest praise for any writer…when we bring their story into our story.

I wonder? Do we ever do that with movie or tv characters?

Ali says: All shall be words, and all shall be words,
and all manner of thing shall be words.

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