Reading for Oxygen

Hey, Ali!

I found a link to this blog post by Sarah Bessey. It looks good, but this line says it all:

I’m a book devourer (it’s official because it’s on my bio page, you know). I have always read for oxygen, my only punishment as a child was to have my books taken away from me.

Yep. I read for oxygen, too. (And, in all seriousness, my mom did take away my books and make me go outside for punishment. I can remember sitting on the front steps as angry as a person can be.)

Nancy says:  Y colorín, colorado, este cuento se ha acabado.

Hey Nancy,

Humm. So many thoughts, so many questions, so many wonderments. Maybe I am suffocating? I am sort of between books so it is possible…

Ali says:  All shall be words, and all shall be words,
and all manner of thing shall be words.


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