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Something I Can Do

Hey Ali,

You know the other day when we posted about books, we added this line?:

*We love our public libraries and independent bookstores.
If you are interested in these titles, will you search these locations in your hometown?

I believe that. I live in a little bitty town, and I actually know the people who are impacted if I don’t shop local. So I do try to think about that before I drive an hour to the Big Town to buy stuff at big stores.

However, this is one case where I choose to think differently. Next week, I will be driving to the Big Town to OfficeMax, for the third year in a row. OfficeMax has this sale on. I will go and buy two of the nicest backpacks I can find. When I check out, I will be sure to use my MaxPerks card, and I will also make sure that the backpacks I selected are part of the promotion. I’ll probably spend close to $100 on the two backpacks.

I usually like to drive straight back to the Christian Ministry in my little bitty town that makes collections of school supplies for needy back-to-school children in my town. It gives me great pleasure to present brand new unused sporty backpacks. There’s a lot of need out there, Ali!

My kids don’t need new backpacks, but they will be very glad if I send them some printer cartridges in late September. I’ll buy those with the $100 that is credited back to my MaxPerks account – and those two backpacks will have only cost me 2¢!

Nancy says: Y colorín, colorado, este cuento se ha acabado.

Hey Nancy,

Awesome idea. It really is simple to be generous.

Ali says: All shall be words, and all shall be words,
and all manner of thing shall be words.

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