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The Perfect Wedding Gift

Hey Nancy,

It is told in my family that one day Aunt Hyacinth and Aunt Verna were talking about Jennifer, the grandniece who had recently gotten a divorce.
Aunt Hy said, “Well, her marriage was doomed from the start. She didn’t even have a deviled-egg plate.”

After rushing out to get our own, we now give that as our standard wedding gift. When you think about it, a deviled-egg plate is a perfect marriage metaphor:

In marriage, make your spouse look good. Face it, deviled-eggs are ugly, but deviled-egg plates make them lovely. One marriage secret, in all you do, make your spouse look good.
In marriage, be flexible. While called deviled-egg plates, they can also hold truffles or earrings. One marriage secret, don’t hold to anyone else’s secrets to a good marriage.
In marriage, keep the quirky. Really Aunt Hy, a deviled-egg plate? Yes. It is different and it makes a great story. And marriage is all about the story.

Never let anyone say we are not helping to keep our family together. Keep your deviled-egg plate proudly displayed.

Ali says: Y colorín, colorado, este cuento se ha acabado.

Ali! Oh, NO! Can I admit to you that after just celebrating 26 years of marriage I DON’T OWN A DEVILED-EGG PLATE? However, we did receive a Tupperware deviled-egg container as a wedding gift. There’s probably a story there about our marriage. I have been pondering that all afternoon…and I can’t come up with anything – at least not anything I’m willing to post in public!

Nancy says:  All shall be words, and all shall be words,
and all manner of thing shall be words.

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